Ultimate Terrain Europe Patch - Version 1.12





The Ut9Eur112.exe patch application will update your current version of Ultimate Terrain Europe to version 1.12.    You should currently have version 1.11 installed before running this patch.



Issues Addressed In Version 1.12


Performance Issues:


• All coastline files have been completely regenerated to improve performance for users that are using Ultimate Terrain and advanced addon aircraft from some commercial vendors.



Patch Preparation


Before running the patch, you must make sure that your Ultimate Terrain Europe environment is in the correct state.   To do this:


(1) Run the "Ultimate Terrain Europe Setup Utility"


(2) Press the "Auto-Config Assistant" button.


(3) From the “Auto-configuration Assistant” window, do not change the default slider settings.  Press the OK button.


(4) When the lengthy process in (3) is complete, your environment is ready for the patch application.



Patch Installation


Download the Ut9Eur112.exe file and execute it.


The patch utility will try and read the correct FS9.EXE install location from the registry.  If this location can not be read, or if you have installed FS2004 to different location, you must locate it yourself within the patch program.    In nearly all cases, the location of the FS9.EXE file will be read correctly from the registry.  The exception will be those users that have manually moved FS2004 from it's original installation location.